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Posted by rigorousm on February 1, 2017

The love-ideal of the man of today consists in the feminine type of woman. We shall begin by analyzing this conception to discover its reason for being, since an ideal (like any concept) is only a lens that the epoch lends humankind to look at things. The first thing we notice is that femininity is not feminine. The feminine type is a type obtained by men at the price of making women all but useless, and as soon as the latter emerge from “the functions proper to their sex” to become doctors or chauffeurs, they cease to personify the feminine ideal. But the household duties “proper to their sex” are not such: they are merely secondary and restricted functions that have been determined, not by the sex of the women, but by the political discrimination of which women are the objects. The feminine ideal does not correspond to the intellectual possibilities of women. It is a denial of them. The submissive housewife, resigned, obedient, monogamous, is not the ideal of a woman, but an ideal slave.

“Women and love through private property” reprinted in Surrealist Women anthology 143.


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