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Livia Llewellyn on writing horror and self

Posted by rigorousm on November 12, 2016

I know nothing.

Except when I write.

…I write about myself and for myself, as a form of obscene self-exploratory surgery, as a desperate archaeological attempt to find some vestiges of the woman I once was and discover what happened, what went sideways, what went wrong. I open my flesh and stare at my entrails, move them about and arrange them on the paper, wait for the signals and signs. I am a multitude of disintegrating fragments, and therefore must be monstrously singular and selfish in my writing. Every day I wake up knowing less, further from my last self, further from my Ur-self than the day before: the mountains are the same and the city is the same, but the void inside my mind has grown.

Livia Llewellyn, “The H Word: The Mountains, The City, The Void” for Nightmare Magazine August 2016 (link to article).


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