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Posted by rigorousm on August 13, 2015

“.. the nineteenth century also opened up new possibilities for subjects, objects, and bodies in the fantasies of reuse that arose from these projects, as well as in the visions of modernity—in movements decadent and utopian, bohemian and modernist—that even the most abject loss of self in filth seemed able to enable. The Parisian flaneur enshrined by Baudelaire… provides but one example of urban refuse remade as cultural capital; his later avatar, the bohemian, might actually get lost in the dirt…. Although Paris is the locus classicus for discussions of such diabolically ebullient modernity, Lynda Nead has made a case for also considering late-Victorian London in relation to Benjamin’s concept of how “the sites of the modern city stand on layer upon layer of an underground city, which maintains a hellish and ghostlike presence within modernity.”

Introduction to Filth: dirt, disgust, and modern life, page xxi.


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