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yates on the face

Posted by rigorousm on February 4, 2015

“The face is the evidence that makes evidence possible” is how anthropologist Michael Taussig puts [it]. It is the “figure of appearance, the appearance of appearance, the figure of figuration, the ur-appearance, if you will, of secrecy itself as the primordial act of presencing”…. The redundancy of these formulations is instructive. For the face is in essence a “redundancy,” a space of transfer, the site where the social takes hold of the body, articualting it along with its clothes as possessions as an assemblage, a person. … Faces transform the body into a surface on which signs form for us to read. They enable us to convert what we see– a wrinkle, a smile, a nose, a frown, a wink, a lazy eye– into what we call an “expression.” When… [a] face appears, it is as though the narrative begins again.

Julian Yates, Error, Misuse, Failure, p 32.


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