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zembrano’s further notes on bulimic and anorexic modes of writing

Posted by rigorousm on December 10, 2012

Perhaps when I speak of the “bulimic” I am really speaking of the confessional, of telling, of explicitness, often when dealing with taboo—the disordered body, abjection, boundaries. Perhaps when I’m speaking of an anorectic mode of writing I’m thinking of that that hides, that doesn’t reveal. Explictness versus implictness. Something to do too with an ecstatic mode.

from “gross and gooshy” at Frances Farmer is My Sister (Kate Zembrano’s blog)

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When I wrote this blog post about bulimic versus anorexic, three years ago, …I was also positing two radical modes dealing with silence. I was speaking mostly of poetics. When I wrote that anorexic writing was published more, I was not writing of market forms. …  I was writing more of works that are abbreviated, full of punctuations and silences. Jenny Boully, Danielle Dutton. The lyric. When I was writing of bulimia or messiness, I was writing of an aesthetic. I was not encouraging the unedited, although was trying to muse on the unrepressed. … I mean, my blogs are unedited. My books are not. Not in the least. (link)



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