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quotes: carson on love’s double vision

Posted by rigorousm on June 14, 2012

I wanted to tell a story purely in the style of Samuel Beckett or simple industrial noise, that is the sort of storytelling we like nowadays. Details are in bad taste, they expose our infection. Just before becoming infected we invented anthropology to house our details. This science of man, which is always about other people, whose details are exotic, calms us and opens out the further possibility of anthropologizing ourselves. Hence modern love. Well enlightenment is useless but I find interesting the distinction anthropologists makes between an emic and an etic point of view. Emic has to do with the perspective of a member of the society itself and etic is the point of view of an outsider seeing the society in his own terms. Lovers– correct me if I’m wrong– insist on bringing the two perspectives together– a sort of double exposure. To draw into the very inside of my heart the limit that was supposed to mark it on the outside, your strangeness. But keep it strange.

— Anne Carson, “Mesa Verde, Colorado,”PART V: THE ANTHROPOLOGY OF WATER, Plainwater, p 223.


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