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Faulkner on compulsion

Posted by rigorousm on August 31, 2011

They used money against me while I was asleep because I was vulnerable in money. Then I waked up and rectified the money and I thought I had beat Them until that night when I found They had used respectability on me and that it was harder to beat than money. So I am vulnerable in neither money nor respectability now and so They will have to find something else to force us to conform to the pattern of human life which has evolved to do without love– to conform, or die.

— Faulkner, Wild Palms p 140


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Faulkner on Christmas and Gift giving

Posted by rigorousm on August 30, 2011

“[Christmas]’s not a child’s function, really. It’s for adults: a week’s dispensation to return to childishness, to give something you dont want yourself to someone who doesn’t want it either, and demand thanks for it. And the children swap with you. They vacate puerility and accept the role you abandoned not because they ever had any particular desire to be grown but just out of that ruthless piracy of children that will use anything– deception or secrecy or acting– to get anything. Anything, any bauble will do. Presents dont mean anything to them until they get big enough to calculate what it probably cost. That’s why little girls are more interested in presents than little boys. So they take what you give them not because they will accept that even in preference to nothing but  because that’s about all they expected anyway from the stupid oxen among whom for some reason they have to live….”

— Faulkner, Wild Palms p 125.

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