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quotes: nancy on fragility

Posted by rigorousm on July 12, 2011


Someone writes, someone reads, people talk, something takes shape, makes sense, completes itself in a work or in fragments– in a work, that is, in fragments. And it’s indestructible: a conversation every bit as much as a poem. What is indestructible is fragility itself, more attenuated, more tremulous, more untenable, unbearable, than any fragmentation, the fragility that dwells in speaking or in writing, in opening your mouth, in tracing a word. There and then it shatters– nowhere else, at no other time. The fragility of a glorious body… shatters a throat or a hand. There arises a word, a discourse, a chant, a writing. The glorious body will never stop repeating this order as fragile as a plea: Noli me frangere


–Nancy “Noli Me Frangere” – Coauthored with Philippe Lacoue-Labarthe, p 268 in Birth of Presence.


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