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quotes: architecture in practice – las vegas

Posted by rigorousm on March 29, 2011

“Look at the most successful hotels in this town,” [Dave Hickey, UN Las Vegas art critic] said. “What do they got in common? They’re all ceilings and floors and no fucking walls. Casino designers know that people don’t like gambling with a lot of space above them. So when you look at a place like the Bellagio, which is the most successful hotel this city’s ever seen, it’s got this giant open floor plan of 80,000 square feet, but it’s all underneath a really low ceiling. … you end up with is a twenty-foot-high ceiling that’s got nine feet of head room. Why? Because the hotel knows that the reason people come here is to be protected from God. I’m serious. No one’s consciously thinking about this, but that’s why they’re here. They want as much space between them and Jesus Christ as they can get while they’re fucking around. That’s why hotels that emphasize their height don’t really do well here. I mean, you’ve got the Luxor, right, with its light that shoots into space. That opened up in the mid-’90s as a luxury hotel, but ten years later they’ve got some of the lowest room rates on the Strip. Rooms at the Paris Hotel are usually discounted too…. It’s just not a welcoming place. It’s got tons of tiny windows built into its facade that create a huge towering sense of height over the viewer. People don’t want to be looking up while they’re visiting this city. No one comes to Las Vegas to pray.”

— John D’Agata, “What Happens There: Aside from Heart Attacks, Strokes, and Three Types of Cancer, the Thing Most Likely to Kill You in Las Vegas is Yourself.” The Believer 8(10):12. Jan 2010.



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