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quotes: kahn on expression

Posted by rigorousm on February 20, 2011

Today I distinguished desire from need

that need is  a temporary, measurable thing.

There is no denial that need is disgraceful not to give.

But desire is insatiable,

and presents itself in many, many aspects,

always new because it is completely immeasurable and unpredictable.

Only circumstance brings it out

and it always surprises as another aspect of the nature of man.

I had to write about a thought I had

about the inspirations, the desire to be, to express,

which is the real reason for living

and the means to express,

and I thought of the whole area of the source from which was to be desire

as that being the aura of silence.

Silence, the wordless,


murmur of the desire to be, to express.

–          Louis Kahn, 1972,  “Architecture: the John William Lawrence Memorial Lecture”


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