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poetry: kirsch “king lear considers what he’s wrote”

Posted by rigorousm on January 14, 2011

Everyone worships the daughters,
skirts the shade of cake frostings, Teflon
idolettes, pedicured, hemophiliac
overpretties, laughing on the inside.

The boys are corn-fed and prep-schooled,
mirror-stuck, the milksops! Woe
unto the boldest of them, for who-so-
ever shall venture to pen a verse
for a Lear girl’s hand let him

wither, unaided, in locker rooms,
let him be caught with his hand down his trousers.

The king is aware that parenting is a loose science,
performed by foglight, and so forgives himself.
He too was barely tended to, was made and then undone.

Who’s Lear’s daddy? He was a bastard, a salty dog.

Dear Cordelia. The boys would still like to press
a peony behind her ear, pack up her petticoats,
and take her away to somewhere-upon-somewhere.

Even penniless, there’s something so irresistible
about a girl with nothing to prove.

– Melissa Kirsch –  “King Lear Considers What He’s Wrought”


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