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Notes REL/ANTH Bodies & Discourse

Posted by rigorousm on January 12, 2011


  • historical: high priest and emperor
  • assassinated by Praetorian Guard, grandmother – conspiracy
  • conflict: emperor vs. Roman state
  • context: total political instability – constant cycling through emperors (PG and murder usually)
  • failed reign
  • replaced by younger cousin – grandmother ruling as guardian


  • mythical: Pentheus is king – cousin to Bacchus – house of Atreus
  • ravaged by women of Thebes – in particular family (esp. mother)
  • conflict: Bacchus/women/religion/wildness vs. Pentheus/state/order
  • context: influx of nonstate religions
  • qualified success
  1. characterizations of masculinity – indolence, Orientalism, Other-ness
  2. intersection of politics and religion
  3. decapitation
  4. family

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