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quotes: on boundaries

Posted by rigorousm on December 27, 2010


He thought there would be a limit and that it would stop him.
                            He depended on that:
the cuts would be made by someone else, the direction
come from somewhere else, arrows flashing on the freeway.
that he’d end somewhere gazing
straight into It was what he imagined and nothing beyond.
That he’d end facing as limit a thing without limits and so he
and burned and hacked and bled himself toward that (if I
this story at all). What he found: FOR SALE: DO NOT
OCCUPANT on some cliffs; some ill-marked, ill-kept roads
ending in warnings about shellfish in Vietnamese, Spanish and
But the spray was any color he could have dreamed
—gold, ash, azure, smoke, moonstone—
and from time to time the ocean swirled up through the eye of a
                            rock and taught him
limits. Throwing itself backward, singing and sucking, no
                            teacher, only its violent
self, the Pacific, dialectical waters rearing
their wild calm constructs, momentary, ancient.
— Adrienne Rich, An Atlas of the Difficult World.


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