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quotes: on justice (carson)

Posted by rigorousm on November 11, 2010

XXIX. Slopes
You interested in justice?
I’m interested in how people decide what sounds like a law.
So what’s your favorite law code?
Hummurabi. Why? Neatness. For example? For example:
“The man who is caught
stealing during a fire shall be thrown into the fire.” Isn’t that good? If
there were such a thing
as justice that’s what it ought to sound like — short. Clean. Rhythmical.

I. Justice
So many different kinds of stones,
the sober and the uncanny, lying side by side in the red dirt.
To stop and imagine the life of each one!
Now they were sailing through the air from a happy human arm,
What a fate….

– Autobiography of Red – Anne Carson


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