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quotes: shakespeare’s genius

Posted by rigorousm on September 23, 2010

Style is… a penetration of the world, an adventuresome safari through daily life. …
A self is a frightening thing to waste, it’s the lens through which one’s whole life is viewed, and few people are willing to part with it, in death, or even imaginatively, in art. Shakespeare was a master of empathy and surrender, who gave himself to the human dramas he saw daily, figuring out how he would feel if doing or saying certain things. He became a crowd. I don’t imagine this is something one turns on and off very easily, or suddenly decides to try; he probably imagined himself as others often, secretly, from childhood on. … Most people won’t be pried loose from the single word I, which is, in the end, our only possession.

– Diane Ackerman, An Alchemy of Mind: The Marvel and Mystery of the Brain, p. 225.


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