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quotes: color theories

Posted by rigorousm on August 2, 2010

In “Absolution” Fitzgerald came closest to formulating an aesthetic — even an ethic– of yellow, merging it with the festival spirit, but carefully distinguishing its sacred and profane aspecrts. He speaks in the voice of the priest urging Rudolph to visit an amusement park:

“Go to one at night and stand a little way off from it in a dark place — under dark trees. You’ll see a big wheel made of lights turning in the air… and everything will twinkle. But it won’t remind you of anything, you see. It will all just hang out there in the night like a colored balloon — like a big yellow lantern on a pole.

Father Schwartz frowned as he suddenly thought of something. “But don’t get up close,” he warned Rudolph, “because if you do you’ll only feel the heat and the sweat and the life.”

– Le Vot’s Fitzgerald biography, p. 152.


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