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quotes: on the necessities of third parties in amusement

Posted by rigorousm on July 29, 2010

The comic differs from wit in its social behavior. The comic can be content with only two persons, one who finds the comcical, and one in whom it is found. The third person to whom the comical may be imparted reinforces the comic process, but adds nothing new to it. In wit, however, this third person is indispensible for the completion of the pleasure-bearing  process, while the second person may be omitted, especially when it is not a question of aggressive wit with a tendency. Wit is made, while the comical is found; it is found first of all in persons, and only later by transferance may be seen also in objects, situations, and the life.

– Sigmund Freud, “Wit and Its Relations to the Unconscious,” p. 761, 1905.


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