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faint praise of the cephalic state

Posted by rigorousm on February 25, 2010

They were given the choice of becoming kings of the kings’ messengers. As is the way with children, they all wanted to be messengers. That is why there are only messengers, racing through the world and, since there are no kings, calling out to each other the messages that have now become meaningless. They would gladly put an end to their miserable life, but they do not dare to do so because of their oath of loyalty.

-Frank Kafka, The Blue Octavo Notebooks, Third Notebook.


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poetry on authentic moments

Posted by rigorousm on February 3, 2010

The truth is, goddesses are lousy in bed.
They will do anything it’s true.
And the skin is beautifully cared for.
But they have no sense of it. They are
all manner and amazing technique.
I lie with them thinking of your
foolish excess, of you panting
and sweating, and your eyes after.

– Jack Gilbert, “Dreaming at the Ballet”

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