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being postmodern

Posted by rigorousm on November 29, 2009

“The age of postmodernity is the age of an eternal spring. The perpetual nature of change within postmodernity, and the speed of change, places a special onus on the ability of people to adapt continually without losing their bearings, purpose and sense of coherence and meaning. It is not surprising that postmodern views of the subject never stray far from the threat of fragmentation and disorientation in the face of flux, speed, flows and the implosion of meanings and purpose as signifiers are unhinged from signifieds. Frederic Jameson’s diagnosis of ‘schizophrenic identities’ in postmodernity combines this erasure of meaning with a parallel loss of a sense of history (Jamesone, 1983, pp.117-9). The flip side of ‘historical amnesia in this account is the experience of living in an eternal prseent, without connections to the past, without co-ordinates that can help to situate the present….” (pp.123)

– Kim, Sung Kyung and Stones, Rob. 2008. “Film, Postmodernism and the Sociological Imagination: Exploring the Power of Local Stories in Southern Korea and Northern England” published in Korea: Economic, Political and Social Issues. New York: Nova Science Publishers, Inc.


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