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Posted by rigorousm on August 4, 2009

“…control upon the part of the individual reinstates the symmetry of the communication process, and sets the stage for a kind of information game– a potentially infinite cycle of concealment, discovery, false revelation, and rediscovery.” (8)

“… an intense interest in… disruptions comes to play a significant role in the social life of the group.  Practical jokes and social games are played in which embarassments which are to be taken unseriously are purposely engineered. Fantasies are created in which devastating exposures occur. Anecdotes from the past– real, embroidered, or fictitious– are told and retold, detailing disruptions which occurred, almost occurred, or occurred and were admirably resolved. There seem no grouping which does not have a ready supply of these games, reveries, and cautionary tales, to be used as a source of humor, a catharsis for anxieties, and a sanction for inducing individuals to be modest in their claims and reasonable in their projected expectations.” (14)

– Erving Goffman, The Presentation of Self in Everyday Life


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