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Posted by rigorousm on June 28, 2009

Will the literature of the fantastic be possible in the twenty-first century, with the growing inflation of prefabricated images? Two paths seem to be open from now on. (1) We could recycle used images in a new context that changes their meaning. Post-modernism may be seen as the tendency to make ironic use of stock images of the mass media, or to inject the taste for the marvelous inherited from literary tradition into narrative mechanisms that accentuate its alienation. (2) We could wipe the slate clean and start from scratch. Samuel Beckett has obtained the most extraordinary results by reducing visual and linguistic elements to a minimum, as if in a world after the end of the world.

– Italo Calvino, “Visiblity” pp. 95 [emphasis mine], Six Memos for the Next Millennium.

Listening: Pill – Trap Going Ham. (here) And the photographer’s post about making the video: “If you’re into realism in your rap, this video is going to have it. Granted, alot of this ish was laughable, at the end of the day its actually tragic. There are alot of desensitized people out here in these streets that either have no clue or no cooth. At the rate that Atlanta is growing, everything and possibly everybody in this video will be swept away when ever the city decides too.” (here)

Watching: the realtime version of #IranElection, Out Rage 69 (here).

Reading: Finished: Six Memos for the New Millennium, The Worst Hard Time: the Untold Story of Those Who Survived the Great American Dust Bowl. In Progress: Farm City.



  • Zizek on Iran. (here)
  • Interview with Michael Mann, UCLA sociology professor, about his book, “Incoherent Empire.” (here) Part of the Conversations with History website. (here)
  • CIVICUS: World Alliance for Citizen Participation. (here)
  • The Big Picture: dance around the world. (here)
  • Update on Iran 6/27. (here)

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